Marjory Sorrell Rockwell

Maddy Madison’s Personal Chronicler

“I’ve spent most of my life making quilts. The rest I’ve just wasted.”

- Anonymous

Marjory Sorrell Rockwell says needlecraft arts – quilting, crocheting, knitting – are pastimes every woman can appreciate. And she particularly loves quiltmaking. “It’s like painting with cloth,” she says. But when not quilting she writes mysteries about a Midwestern sleuth not unlike herself, a middle-aged lady with an unpredictable family and loyal friends. And she’s a big fan of watermelon pie.

“I feel like I’ve known Maddy and her friends all my life,” says Marjory. “But, truth is, we only met a few years ago. She was solving mysteries and sewing quilts and baking watermelon pies … and I was looking for a good story to tell. An acquaintance at Quilter’s World brought us together, never thinking that over a dozen books would come out of that reluctant introduction.

“I love Maddy and Lizzie and Cookie and Bootsie, as well as Aggie, N’yen, and now Sissy. I wish I lived close enough to Caruthers Corners to be a member of their little quilting bee (cum detective agency). What fun that would be!”


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