Maddy’s New Kinfolk

“It was sunny, a rarity for Indiana in April, and everyone at the farmers’ market was wearing short sleeves even though the temperature didn’t quite justify it. We Hoosiers are excessively optimistic about summer.”

- John Green, Hoosier author, The Fault in Our Stars

Yes, Maddy recently discovered that she was adopted. Rather than being a Taylor (descended from Rev. Thaddeus Barrington Taylor, who’d come here on the 1829 wagon train) she was actually the daughter of Herbert Hoople (one of the world famous Hoople Quadruplets). And – surprise! – she had a separated-at-birth twin sister. Overnight, her family and fortunes increased in ways she’d never imagined in her wildest dreams.

Quads on the cover of Time

Hoople Quadruplets (and all)

HerbieHerbert Hoople – Sometimes known as “Herbie.” A Hoople Quadruplet. Shy and reclusive. Died from botulism poisoning under mysterious circumstances. Maddy and Maisie’s biological father.

Hilda Hoople – Long considered the last surviving member of Hoople Quadruplets. A longtime recluse. For years passed herself off as her caregiver. Maddy and Maisie’s “aunt.”


Helga Hoople - A Hoople Quadruplet. Reportedly committeed suicide over a failed love affair. Maddy and Maisie's "aunt."

Helena Hoople - A Hoople Quadruplet. Moody and foul-tempered, diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenial Died in an asylum. Maddy and Maisie's "aunt."

Separated at Birth

Maisie Walters – Maddy’s fraternal twin sister. Owner of Cozy Café. Single and likes it that way. Adopted Mrs. Wapner’s cat, Alexander the Great. Makes the best watermelon pie in town.

Sue Ann Polk – Maddy and Maisie’s biological mother. Now deceased. She had a secret love affair with Herbie Hoople.

Emily Polk – Sue Ann Polk’s sister. Suffering from Alzheimer’s. Maddy and Maisie’s biological aunt.

Hoople Staff

Marybelle Olsen – Aunt Hilda’s British-born general factotum. An aging Mary Poppins type. Manages Hoople Mansion like a flagship in the Royal Navy. Appreciated for her efficiency, pleasant attitude, and afternoon teas.

Barnabas Soltairé, Esq. – “Barney” to those who knew him as a boy. A former mob lawyer, a consigliere. Now administers the Hoople Quadruplets Trust Fund. The son of a Hoople family maid, he grew up in the Mansion.

Brenda O'Mallery - Hilda Hoople's Guardian Angel, a hired companion for the young quadruplet. passed away.

Mary Bridesmore - Helga Hoople's Guardian Angel, a hired companion for the young quadruplet. Married and moved away.

Margaret Thompson - Helena Hoople's Guardian Angel, a hired companion for the young quadruplet. Now working as a compainion in Boston.

George Abernathy - Herbert Hoople's Guardian Angel, a hired companion for the young quadruplet. Location unknown.

Tito Ramirez – An undocumented Mexican. Worked as the Madisons’ yardman for years. Now he keeps up the small garden surrounding the Hoople Mansion.

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